Search Engine marketing

Organic Search :
Organic search is also know as natural search is when someone searches for you and your pages appear high up in the search results and bang they find you. 
Creating the right strategy and getting the right key words ranked is crucical to a companies success.
Being visable for the right key words and having the pages that appears configured to generate new business is highly important in a companies search engine strategy.
PPC – Pay Per Click :
PPC is where you run campaigns on Google or Bing and pay to have your pages come up top of the search results. Success on this really depends on your ability to understand what key words to bid on and your ability to convert the traffic being generated.
Why does search engine marketing not make a return on invesment? A high percentage of people find that their PPC campaigns don’t make a return on investment. This is usually because of the sales funnel that the end user is landing on. If you are having problems with this then please drop us a message and we can sort this out for you.